We have integrated our Ultrasonic sensor to be able to see obstacles closer to ground level that the LIDAR can not.

One of our AI team members, Adam has been developing a system to use the front facing camera to recognise lines in the video stream and convert them to a format HUGO can understand. This will be very important for navigating the sidewalk in a safe and efficient manner. Since making HUGO 4wd, we have had to re-calibrate a large part of the navigation system. There is a fundamental problem with 4WD known as wheel slip. To ensure the robot doesn't get confused when it's wheels slip, we fuse the wheel rotation data with an Inertial Measurement Unit (IMU). This really helps improve performance, particularly on difficult terrain. We have also purchased some new high powered wheel hub motors. These will be arriving later this week and be part of the next platform. As well as being able to traverse obstacles such as curbs and bumps better, these motors are brushless DC and so are much more quiet. HUGO stealth mode ... enabled.

Designing HUGO

Victor (Surface Designer from the Berge team) has been helping out this week with getting the HUGO sketches into Alias. We have 3 different designs going at the moment. The thought behind 3 different designs is that HUGO can adapt based on different possible contents such as; fashion packages or groceries.