The future is now!



Last week we were part of “The Future is Now! Why AI should be on top of everyone’s mind.” an event here at Lindholmen focusing on the future of AI. This is event hosted by Berge, Nvidia and CGit was quite perfect for us to attend. We got to listen to some awesome speakers telling about their latest developments and future visions as well as hearing the thoughts and worries from the audience.



We also met up with Houdini, a Swedish, sustainable, outdoor clothing brand. Super exciting to share ideas for a more sustainable future and last mile during our meeting. We will be keep a dialogue going with them sharing insights and ideas. We are quite hooked on Houdini products so we enjoyed meeting the makers of our favorite garments.


We also held a workshop for all the team members to align our activities. Presenting the insights gathered from the interviews with different fashion stakeholders the past weeks. We also set some new goals for the coming month. For example: creating pitch deck for meetings with potential investors and partners, fine tuning the user experience and making the future of last mile delivery seamless and effortless.

Trying some last mile delivery services

In Sweden the biggest actor for parcel delivery is PostNord. But recently a new actor has come to the market: Budbee. Since we were unfamiliar with Budbee we thought to give their service a try by ordering 3 pairs of socks with Budbee as the delivery option. Our judgement so far: nice digital experience with text messages including a link to the Budbee tracking and service webpage. But the home delivery times from 17.00 - 22.00 on week days do not really meet my needs as a customer. Expecting to see the delivery in action on Tuesday. So, an update will most definitely follow


The next step in the continuous prototyping process are the installation of ultra sonic sensors. The Ultra Sonic sensors will help HUGO to see the things the LIDAR has trouble detecting.

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