HUGO getting out there.


Pitch deck and funding meetings

One of our first milestones was achieved this week. We completed the first version of the pitch deck. It has been taken straight into action in meetings with potential partners.

Additionally Daniel & Romy were in Stockholm for an interview with a potential funder. If we will receive the funding we will focus our attention towards to garment sharing, circulair product flows and garment subscriptions. We will soon hear if we will receive the funding. So, fingers crossed.

hugo_big copy.jpg


We spent the entire week debugging different issues. So, this week has not been a huge progress week. But we managed to fix things that could have potentially caused problems in the long run.

We also implemented a protection and alarm system for the batteries. We troubleshooted some issues with the obstacles being detected. Now we re-integrating the GPS, so that we can do navigation based on GPS position.

On the product design side we have focused on getting some visualisations ready for the pitch deck.


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