Hej! We are HUGO, a start-up developing a self driving robot for the last mile


HUGO stands for “here you go” A phrase used when you pass something to someone. That’s what HUGO does, passes packages from one to another.

Today, the last mile of delivering packages is a costly, time consuming and unsustainable part of the value chain of consumer goods purchased online.

HUGO aims to solve this by developing a feasible business model and customer journey in combination with a new type of vehicle.

Why This

We believe everybody has the responsibility to create a better tomorrow and by applying design thinking to technologies with exponential growth significant change can be made. Our mentality is, you can’t complain if you sit on your bum. As a part of this, we start projects that have a potential of solving big problems. With our competencies, a last mile delivery robot seemed almost too obvious.

What We are Made Of

The team also consists of two designers with competence in user experience, service and business development, a mechatronics engineer and a software developer with a focus on autonomous navigation.

Heading the business side is Minna Sandberg. She has a background as a startup founder and CEO, and most previously as a Sales and Marketing Manager at a Nordic/US based hardware startup called Unisound handling sales and partnerships in the Nordic countries and the US. Daniel Cayard is our technical manager at HUGO and has experience from working with leading technology-based projects at Google X in San Francisco.


Follow our process on Linked-in or here on our blog.

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