First prep for real life tests


Preparation for test

We started to plan for the first prototype tests on the streets of Gothenburg. We are still months away but are looking into how to apply for approval from Swedish transportation institute and getting a EMC approval.

We will soon start with drafting the different test scenarios and evaluate all the potential challenges, obstacles and risks and how HUGO should handle these.


We know a lot of people are looking into last mile delivery. We don’t believe in just catering to just one product or package type. We do however believe that they key to last mile delivery is looking into the needs of both the sender and the receiver of packages. Typically the types of things being shopped and shipped vary a lot. Think of take away food, groceries, electronics, fashion items, etc. All of these packages require different package sizes and handling. Therefore we have been looking into a platform that is adaptable for different content and branding possibilities. The branding possibilities opens up to partnerships.

Customer journey map

We have visualised the customer journey scenarios that we see for HUGO at the moment. In the first scenario HUGO would dock and get loaded with packages at local corner shops and post offices. The HUGO robot would make a round of deliveries and return to its docking station to charge or get reloaded and start another delivery round.

In the second scenario HUGO distributes robots with an electrical van. The van would drive into an area and drop off preloaded HUGO robots. The robots do their delivery rounds while the van simultaneously drops off and picks up the robots.

customer journey 22oct2018-01.png
customer journey 22oct2018-02.png

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