Not a one size fits all solution


Hej, here comes a little HUGO update.

We are currently focussing our attention on reaching out to and talking with potential partners to understand their needs and wishes. We do this because we know that HUGO won’t be a one size fits all solution. We aim to create a solution that specifically fits the needs of the potential partners and customers.

We would also like to introduce a new team member; Adam Hägg, Adam joined Berge in February, since then he has been working at NEVS in Trollhättan, mainly within exterior design.

Adam holds a Bachelors Degree in industrial design, as well as a Masters Degree in Transportation design, both from Umeå Institute of Design. His first contact with Berge was during his internship in his Bachelor studies. And now he has joined the HUGO team. His focus will be on the design of the product, in terms of styling and user experience.

"Its always fun and challenging to shape a product that is not generally established yet, anything could happen"

Adam has produced a couple of explorative design sketches for HUGO this week that we thought would be nice to share here on the blog. The sketches show different ways of stacking, storing and retrieving packages as well as how the exterior design can enable different branding possibilities.

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