Prototype status (week 34)


Prototype status:

Firstly we made a plan of what we would need to get the basic platform together. We put together the frame made from aluminium profile then screwed the aluminium sheet on top for rigidity and future mounting options. We then mounted the DC motors on the front with aluminium brackets and caster wheels on the back. For wheels we purchased replacement wheel for a lawnmower. To attach the wheel to the motor shaft, we designed a coupler and 3D printed it in the office from ABS plastic. After a few iterations to meet tight tolerances, we were able to mount the wheels on the motor shafts.



The next steps are to clean up the motor wiring and connect up the motor controllers and microcontroller. Then we need to implement and tune a PID (proportional, integral, derivative) controller for the motors. Our goal for this week is to have a unit that can be remote controlled.

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