What we are reading


The HUGO team is currently doing a lot of research. We are looking into subjects such as; the future of the last-mile, autonomous electrical vehicles, circular economy, drone deliveries, and many more very relevant subjects. Our aim is to get a deep understanding of todays situation regarding emerging technologies, the logistics market, the last-mile problem, consumer demand and expectations. 

Sharing is caring, therefore we would like to share our this weeks top 3 article recommendations with you:  

  • McKinsey&Company published an article in 2016 comparing different future transportation modes for the future of the last-mile. Parcel delivery. The future of last mile. read here
  • An interesting article looking at how fashion consumption can become more sustainable by introducing clothing libraries. The article shows that the benefits of collaborative consumption can be out-weight by the environmental impact of the transportation of goods in the last-mile.  Life cycle assessment of clothing libraries: can collaborative consumption reduce the environmental impact of fast fashion? read here

  • An interesting read on the negative environmental impact of same-day or instant deliveries. The Hidden Environmental Cost of Amazon Prime’s Free, Fast Shipping. read here