Status update (week 37)


There is plenty going on here at HUGO. So here comes a status update on what we have been working on the past week.


This week we have been doing interviews with 3 different fashion companies here in Gothenburg. Our aim with these interviews is to get a better understanding of the situation today, what the pain points are and what these companies would wish for the future of the last mile.

It has been very interesting meeting Sport La La, Nudie Jeans and Something borrowed. We are super happy for their time and input. 



Our partner Drive Sweden popped by this week to look at the progress of the HUGO prototype. We were happy to be able to demonstrate that HUGO is learning to drive.


The prototyping hasn’t been standing still either. We tested the dynamic obstacle avoidance using LIDAR. It's always exciting to see something making it's own decisions even though there is still a lot of tuning and calibration require. This is a good stage to move to a 4WD system so we have purchased more motors and new motor controller boards.

The big picture navigation systems are slowly taking shape. From a destination address down to near field obstacle avoidance there exists a lot of different levels of control and cognition. We are working on these systems in a modular way so that we can develop and test each part before integrating into the whole.

The LIDAR is a great sensor, giving rapid and accurate data within it's field of view (FOV). Unfortunately unless we want to bust the entire budget on a more expensive LIDAR, we have just a single plane (a.k.a. single channel) FOV. The issue with this is in detecting objects that lie outside this plane, for example feet, curbs or low height obstacles. The approach we are testing now to overcome this is to use an array of ultrasonic sensors that have a cone-like FOV. We are now writing the drivers to interface and fuse this data with the LIDAR.

Business and service development

Besides the interview efforts this week we have been working on creating a first draft on the HUGO customer journey map. We are looking at how the end user will interact with HUGO.

On this business development side of things we have been making our first steps towards a pitch deck, done an extensive analysis on competitor start-ups in the delivery robot field and we finalised a second application for external funding. Hopefully we can share more about that soon as well.

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