Open Application for Mechanical Engineer

Berge is a company made up of creative individuals who love tackling tough problems. We like to work in cross disciplinary teams in order to solve complex problems which create significant change to the world. We work with a broad spectrum of fields some of them include service design, UX/UI, product design, Visualization, IoT and mechatronics, as well as business management and strategy. We believe that the path to any success is defining and understanding the problem, that will lead to a natural solution which is needed. We are strong believers in creating a better tomorrow and know that we must work with others in order to make that happen.

We have an in-house team, responsible for defining key issues in the world and then developing solutions to those problems. These teams include people who have diverse backgrounds for greater perspectives and unique insights. For that reason, we are always looking to meet exceptional people to grow our team. Whether you’re an engineer, business developer, visual artist, or something else entirely we would love to meet you and get to know what drives you.

Currently, a great example of our mission to create change is that Berge and it’s daughter company Hugo Delivery ( are working together to create an autonomous robot for last mile deliveries. We are developing a platform with which our partners are able to create a better customer experience, have better environmental impacts and facilitate the transition towards a 100% circular world. In this project we have business developers, service and UI designers, mechatronics and mechanical engineers all working together to realize this vision. However we are looking to expand our technical team with more mechanical engineers to work with our robotics and service design teams to design the next generation of robot.

If you are interested in being a part of creating change in the world please send your CV to us and we will get back to you as soon as possible!


  • Dynamic or static design of solution components

  • Work with design team on customer/solution interaction

  • Construction of prototype and testing of functionality

  • Prototype construction and troubleshooting


  • BS Mechanical engineering or similar

  • 3 yrs experience in related field

  • Hands on construction skills

  • Experience with rapid prototyping processes and methods

  • Portfolio of past work/projects