AI & Software Engineer

HUGO is a solution for the last mile of the delivery and supply chain. We are always looking to grow our team with top individuals. We are creative individuals who thrive on solving tough problems in a fast pace environment. We are a start-up operating closely with our mother company Berge Consulting. We are a team made up of individuals from service design, product design, mechatronics, software/AI development, and business development backgrounds with experience from previous start-ups and working at or with companies such as Google X and SpaceX. We all work closely with one another and often times outside of our field of expertise to help each other out.

If you are interested in computer vision, robotics as well as smart navigation, enjoy working with a close group of people across multiple fields to help develop a product from its early stages to a functioning product, we would love to meet you.


As a member of one of our Deep Learning team you will be actively working on some of these tasks:

  • Developing vehicle data collection systems

  • Automating and refining the data annotation process

  • Synthetically generating and augmenting data and investigating its use in the context of ML-based perception systems

  • Designing, training and evaluating deep neural networks that will process data from multiple sensor modalities including cameras, LiDARs and ultrasonic sensors

  • Optimising and streamlining the use of our computational (GPU) resources

  • Improving the continuous integration and deployment toolchains, all the way to embedded software in the vehicles


  • Ph.D. or M.Sc. related to one of the following fields: Machine Learning, Computer Vision, Robotics, Mechatronics, Computer Science

  • Several years of hands-on experience with programming in Python or C++

  • Knowledge of, or experience in, vision related Deep / Machine Learning algorithms

  • Experience in using Tensorflow, both in training and deploying on hardware

  • Experience using Linux

Beneficial Skills / Experience

  • Relevant industrial or academic experience

  • Sensor Fusion,

  • Image, LiDAR or Radar Processing

  • Collaborative Coding, Continuous Integration and Product Development

  • GPU Programming, Computer Graphics and Embedded Software Development

  • Target Tracking

  • Working with ROS (Robot Operating System)