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We are a subsidiary of Berge Consulting functioning as a start-up, consisting of an ambitious team of individuals with the purpose of achieving significant change. HUGO was born from the desire to solve tough problems and create a sustainable future. We don't sit on our asses and dream, we act and execute. Because we believe that those who are serious about predicting the future should create it.

Picture a future where the city streets are no longer occupied by large freight trucks, sprinter vans and delivery trucks. A future where the city belongs to the people. We aim to solve the last mile logistics problem by providing a fleet of autonomous ground vehicles that will change the face of cities overnight. These robots are intended to be autonomous; they will travel on pavements and in pedestrian zones at walking speed. The differentiating factor between HUGO and other competing solutions is our modular design that tailors HUGO to any desired delivery purpose. Our delivery compartments and our mechanism of action are two separate components that make HUGO a flexible solution for a wide range or parcels.

As such, we help businesses accomplish the goal of having a reliable and cost effective delivery service for urban areas, as well as solving all convenience-based delivery issues for the end consumer.

Autonomous delivery is not a question of if, it's a question of when.

HUGO is an autonomous last mile delivery robot.

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We are always interested in getting in touch with those as ambitious and dedicated to solving the last mile problem as we are. Want to share an idea? Have thoughts regarding an interesting partnership? Interested in joining our growing team of talented individuals? Or are you just interested in getting to know more about HUGO over a cup of coffee? Whatever you're interested in, send us a message and we will get back to you.

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